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SpinCycle the documentary

Coming Soon…

The story behind the invention, including footage from Africa’s first SpinCycle laundry service.


SpinCycle on the Discovery Channel


When reporters from the Discovery Channel Canada came over to film James Dyson’s new ideas factory they also took the opportunity to find out all about the SpinCycle project. Both features were part of the Daily Planet ‘Garage Guru’s’ inventors slot. You can see both features via the following link:

Shell Live Wire Award…

The Shell Live wire awards go to young entrepreneurs with the best business start-up ventures.

I sent Shell this one minute pitch, to fill them in on the SpinCycle story so far…

Thanks to over 100 voters SpinCycle Solutions won one of four January 2012 awards.

‘The people who want to make jobs, not take jobs’


‘To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week, Matt Chorley meets some of Britain’s brightest young business brains’


Sheffield Telegraph 27/10/11

First Impressions Continued…



“A very innovative concept”






“I love your spin cycler – I would like one in Oxford to attach to my own bike.”

First Impressions

I sent some messages out to several charities to get some feedback on the SpinCycle.

Here’s some of the responses I received…




“I am the Chair person of MAD4Africa and I received your email about your cycle invention (which I thought was brilliant)”


“Your product looks very interesting!

WaterAid utilises solutions that are low cost and sustainable, and this certainly touches upon these criteria”



“Wow what a great idea!…

I’m sure your project would be taken on well in India and all of the options could work”






“fun and certainly useful!”



“This is a great idea, I can see our volunteers using this sort of machines in our orphan centres.”





“Great idea!”


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