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The Test Grounds

After doing some more research and meeting with a range of people who have a good understanding of the needs, wants and culture surrounding many Sub-Saharan African nations, I have come up with 3 models in which I feel the SpinCycle would be suited to.

When/if I get back out to Africa, I plan to test the prototype in each of these environments.

Take a look at the pictures below which illustrate the 3 models and feel free to let me know which idea you think is the best and why.


Engineers Without Borders

Yesterday I went to visit the EWB society at Sheffield University. It was great to meet some more people with ideas for putting pedal power to good use and they were surprisingly welcoming to say I’m an ex-Hallamer! Over the past year they’ve built several prototypes for pedal powered machines including a pedal powered projector and a pedal powered blender…

The team will be visiting the SpinCycle project at the Load Hog factory next week and giving their verdict on the design.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

The BBC on SpinCycle

Take a look at the Look North report on the SpinCycle project.

The SpinCycle passed the well-known Tom Ingall pants cleaning test. However, it did highlight a small leakage issue in the drum as well as my inability to  grate soap under pressure…keep an eye out for a bloody-bandage-handshake…

SpinCycle Face Lift

Throughout the past week I have been doing some more interviews and photo shoots for the papers so keep an eye out for those and I’ve also been looking into a more streamline, lightweight and more easily manufactured SpinCycle design while continuing to network with different charities and organisations.

To give you a sneaky peak into how the next SpinCycle prototype might look I’ve mocked up a quick Solidworks model…

There is also a new idea for how the SpinCycle might be used in developing countries. In order to give communities the best access to this invention there could be several SpinCycles permanently located at a water source where the washing usually takes place…

Like a laundrette I suppose. Apart from the view is better and you can keep fit and chat while you wash.

Any thoughts?

BBC Look North

This Wednesday BBC Look North reported on the SpinCycle Project.

despite the rain on the live show and a soap grating injury the report went well. take a look via the link below…

Oxfam Charity Day

In order to raise money for Oxfam I decided to join a group of load hog staff in a ‘ jailbreak’.

The Load Hogers were trying to get as far away from the load hog sight as possible in 24 hours, but in order to demonstrate both functions of the SpinCycle I decided cycle round and perform a clothes wash in front of each of the Oxfam shops in Sheffield.

unfortunately, after attempting a hill start, the back wheel of the bicycle became loose and the axle pivoted causing the tire to be in contact with the bicycle frame. The problem was temporarily fixed with the help of some mechanics at Kwik-Fit only to come loose again a few shops later.


Although the event had to be cut short, we created some interest in the center of Sheffield, performed some valuable product testing and raised £45 for Oxfam.

SpinCycle – BBC Radio Sheffield

To give a quick update the last couple of weeks have been spent researching charities and organisations which may be interested in supporting/ getting involved with the project. But today I had a break from all that to have a catch up with Rony Robinson on BBC Radio Sheffield. I gave a short demonstration and filled Sheffield in on the fundraising event I’m doing for Oxfam on Saturday.

If anyone wants to see a demonstration of the SpinCycle get down to an Oxfam near you on Saturday.

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